“SIG” Webinars

Learning Spaces & Instructional Technology Special Interest Group – Free Webinars

Participate in free webinars to hear from your colleagues as they share best practices that focus on teaching and learning.  MOQI is co-sponsoring a series of webinars with the Minnesota State Special Interest Group “Instructional Technologies and Learning Spaces.”  These webinars are open to faculty and staff from any MnSCU institution.

To view a list of current sessions and to register, visit the Minnesota Quality EventBrite site.

What is the “SIG”?

SIG Learning Spaces & Instructional Technology LogoEstablished at the MnSCU IT Conference in 2013 by the CIO community, the Instructional Technologies and Learning Spaces Special Interest Group (SIG) has been managed by the Winona State University’s (WSU) Teaching, Learning, and Technology department from the outset and is a growing learning community and social network designed for faculty and staff who work with academic technology, inside and outside the classroom. The SIG provides opportunities for those at all Minnesota State Systems institutions to collaborate and share best practices through online resource sharing and webinars.  This group has since expanded to include management from Minnesota State University, Mankato (MNSU).  This expansion is focused on growing the existing partnership in new and exciting ways.

What does the “SIG” do?

Professional Development is essential for maintaining and developing skills for both faculty and staff in higher education. Research shows professional development leads to better teaching and student learning. The SIG supports collaboration among all Minnesota State  institutions in two ways.  

  1. It allows those with expertise in the system on teaching and learning to share their knowledge, best practices and examples on how to integrate technology tools into all pedagogical approaches.  
  2. Registration for the webinars is not limited, have no fee and is open to all campuses. Participants may include faculty, staff and administrators.

The MOQI Calendar lists dates, descriptions and registration links for all sessions. The types of sessions offered by SIG in collaboration with MOQI include:

D2L Brightspace Webinars

These “Getting Started with D2L Brightspace” webinars occur for four weeks prior to fall semester and are led by experts from across the Minnesota State system. Each webinar includes handouts and follow up resources. The webinars not only focus on the technical aspect of the D2L tools but also provide examples of how faculty can use to the tools to support their students.

Teaching and Learning Through Collaboration

The SIG also manages the webinar series titled “Teaching and Learning Through Collaboration”, which provides a platform for experts with the system to share best practices. The framework for the Teaching and Learning Through Collaboration webinars is pedagogy not technology. The webinars offer a holistic approach to professional development for faculty and staff. Topic webinars are offered twice a month during the academic year.

Want to know more?

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Interested in sharing your expertise?

SIG Presenter Interest Form: https://goo.gl/forms/4J9e9LHFtZPcWSpn1

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