New for FY14: Course Review Bundles – $500/3 courses

FY14 Course Review Subsidies

To promote and support recognition of multiple courses from the same online program meeting Quality Matters Standards, a new initiative is being implemented this year.  Faculty from MnSCU institutions that are part of the statewide QM subscription are eligible to submit an online or hybrid course for a formal QM course review managed by the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative (MOQI) as part of a three course “bundle.”  The three courses in the “bundle” must be part of the same online program from the same institution and must all be reviewed during FY14.  Upon completion of the reviews for the three courses in the “bundle”, the institution will be invoiced for a total of $500.00.  MnSCU has provided a subsidy to pay the remaining $1600.00 for the three reviews in the bundle (the number of bundles available is limited).

There are a limited number of course review bundles available and they will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

The application for bundled reviews is located here:  Course Review Application – Bundled Reviews

More information about the Course Review “Bundles” as well as other course review opportunities and deadlines can be found in July 2013 newsletter.

***Update: For the purposes of the Bundled Review project, an online program is defined as an approved academic program leading to a certificate, diploma or degree that is offered as a completely online program by the institution.  The courses eligible for inclusion in the “bundle” include only those program courses that are specifically listed as required for all program students (i.e., all of the required courses in a nursing program). Courses that are part of a program in which students choose from a list of courses to fit specific categories (i.e. transfer categories) are not included in this project.