Dr. Todd Zakrajsek will be the Keynote for STAR Symposium 2018

We are excited to announce this year’s STAR Symposium Keynote Speaker, Dr. Todd Zakrajsek.  The all-day virtual STAR Symposium will be held on Friday, February 9, 2018.

Teaching for Brain-based Learning

Description: The human brain is massively complex and very difficult to understand at times.  We lose keys, forget where we park our car at the mall, and can’t recall the last item on a short shopping list.  At the same time, we can master complex musical numbers, play complicated team sports, and learn to identify tiny nuances in x-rays.  Why is it that some learning is difficult and other learning seems effortless?  Turning to research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology, in this session we will consider some of the most recent findings in the area of brain-based learning with respect to how best to teach for effective and efficient student learning.

Keynote Background: Dr. Todd Zakrajsek is an Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Faculty Development Fellowship in the UNC School of Medicine. His current academic work and publications pertain to faculty development, effective instructional strategies, and student learning. Dr. Zakrajsek has served on many educational boards and work groups across the US and abroad. He has been a visiting professor and delivered keynote addresses at approximately 300 campuses and teaching conferences in 46 states, 11 countries, and 4 continents.

STAR Symposium Registration Information

The STAR Symposium  2018 will be held on February 9, 2018. Join us for a full day of concurrent sessions focused on teaching and learning. The cost for this all-day conference is $50 (and, you have NO travel costs!).  Register here.

This is a virtual conference but that doesn’t mean it’s only for online faculty. This conference includes sessions for those teaching face-to-face, online or some combination of the two! There are sessions related to improving student learning, faculty support, course design and delivery, assessment practices, technology integration and student engagement strategies. A full agenda of sessions is coming soon.

Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani will Keynote the 2017 STAR Symposium

dr-rajiv_jhangianiDr. Jhangiani is the Keynote Presenter at the 2017 STAR Symposium. His presentation “Innovating with Openness: Changing Our Approach” introduces the idea of open educational practices and makes an evidence-based case for how this approach to teaching and learning serves not just social justice but also pedagogical innovation.

A college education holds great promise as a vehicle for economic and social mobility as it provides students with the knowledge and skills they need for success throughout their life and career. However, too often this promise goes begging because higher education itself is often structured in a way that reinforces existing social inequalities. Dr. Jhangiani will share his experience and insights into how simple steps towards embracing open educational practices can make a significant difference for students and instructors. Continue reading