Dr. Todd Zakrajsek will be the Keynote for STAR Symposium 2018

We are excited to announce this year’s STAR Symposium Keynote Speaker, Dr. Todd Zakrajsek.  The all-day virtual STAR Symposium will be held on Friday, February 9, 2018.

Teaching for Brain-based Learning

Description: The human brain is massively complex and very difficult to understand at times.  We lose keys, forget where we park our car at the mall, and can’t recall the last item on a short shopping list.  At the same time, we can master complex musical numbers, play complicated team sports, and learn to identify tiny nuances in x-rays.  Why is it that some learning is difficult and other learning seems effortless?  Turning to research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology, in this session we will consider some of the most recent findings in the area of brain-based learning with respect to how best to teach for effective and efficient student learning.

Keynote Background: Dr. Todd Zakrajsek is an Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Faculty Development Fellowship in the UNC School of Medicine. His current academic work and publications pertain to faculty development, effective instructional strategies, and student learning. Dr. Zakrajsek has served on many educational boards and work groups across the US and abroad. He has been a visiting professor and delivered keynote addresses at approximately 300 campuses and teaching conferences in 46 states, 11 countries, and 4 continents.

STAR Symposium Registration Information

The STAR Symposium  2018 will be held on February 9, 2018. Join us for a full day of concurrent sessions focused on teaching and learning. The cost for this all-day conference is $50 (and, you have NO travel costs!).  Register here.

This is a virtual conference but that doesn’t mean it’s only for online faculty. This conference includes sessions for those teaching face-to-face, online or some combination of the two! There are sessions related to improving student learning, faculty support, course design and delivery, assessment practices, technology integration and student engagement strategies. A full agenda of sessions is coming soon.

Online Workshops – Spring 2018

MOQI-Sponsored QM Workshops

Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) Workshop

Are you looking for ideas for improving your online or blended course? Faculty who’ve completed this workshop tell us that they came away with many ideas that could be implemented for course improvement. This workshop is not only for those teaching online courses – it is for anyone who teaches online or blended courses.

The “Improving Your Online Course” workshop explores the QM Rubric and provides a framework to improve the quality of online and blended courses. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own online or blended course and develop a course improvement plan. The content is based on the twenty-one “essential standards” of the Quality Matters Rubric.  Participants should have an online or blended course ready to improve. This workshop is not for building a course from scratch or about how to use D2L Brightspace tools.

Spring Dates for IYOC Workshops

These are either 2- or 3-week facilitated online workshops with no class meetings.
Cost: $35
Pre-requisites: You must have an online or blended course to work on during the workshop.

January Workshop Dates (3 wk session):  January 3—January 24
February Workshop Dates (2 wk session):  February 13—February 27
May Workshop Dates (2 wk session):  May 15—May 29

Registration Information

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) Workshop

Are you curious what Quality Matters is all about? This workshop provides an overview of Quality Matters and describes strategies and techniques for assuring quality in the design and development of online and blended courses. As described by QM, the Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) workshop is QM’s flagship workshop on the QM Rubric and the process of using the QM Rubric to review online courses. It is intended for a broad audience, including but not limited to faculty, instructional designers, administrators, and adjunct instructors who wish to understand more about the QM Rubric and process of course review. The APPQMR is the pre-requisite for the Peer Reviewer Course, which is the required course to become a QM Peer Reviewer.

Spring Dates for APPQMR Workshops

These are 2-week facilitated online workshops with no class meetings.
Cost: $45
Pre-requisites: None

February Workshop Dates: January 30—February 13
April Workshop Dates: April 10—April 24

Registration Information

Interested in hosting a face-to-face session of either of these workshops at your campus? Contact us for details.