Course Review Application – Minnesota State Institutions

MOQI-Managed Official QM Course Reviews

MOQI will assist affiliate Colleges and Universities of Minnesota State wishing to sponsor official Quality Matters course reviews by managing the entire review process for a cost of $800.00 (FY20 cost).  Successful reviews completed through this subscriber-managed process lead to national QM Course Recognition.

Minnesota State will subsidize the review costs for a limited number MOQI-managed reviews for colleges and universities that are part of Minnesota State. For FY20, each institution can submit up to four courses for review at a subsidized review cost of $400.00. (Two of the four reviews must occur during fall semester – don’t wait to submit all four in spring.) Additional funds may become available later in the fiscal year as unused course review subsidy funds are reallocated – this typically occurs after the January review application deadline. To be eligible for the reduced cost, specific deadlines must be met during the review (i.e., meet review application deadline and submit Course Worksheet by the deadline provided). All additional course reviews managed by MOQI for Minnesota State institutions will cost $800.00 (FY20 cost).

Official reviews are managed by a certified course review manager and are conducted by trained and certified peer reviewers.  Read more about the process and timelines here. Applications are continuously accepted for course reviews. Course Reviews typically start about 6-8 weeks after application submission.

Recertification and alternate format reviews are also available. These reviews are managed by MOQI and use one certified Master Reviewer who is also an SME. The cost for these review types is $400.

Course Review Application

Review Application Deadlines

Review Application Deadline Review Starts On or After This Date
6/14/19 7/29/19
8/30/19 10/14/19
9/30/19 11/18/19
12/20/19 2/10/20
1/31/20 3/23/20
2/28/20 4/20/20