Course Certification

Minnesota Online Quality Initiative logoMOQI uses the Quality Matters Official Peer Review Process

The course peer review process is a voluntary process.  It involves a comprehensive review of an online or blended course by trained and certified peer reviewers who utilize the Quality Matters standards and procedures. Courses are reviewed by a team of 3 certified reviewers trained by QM to apply the Quality Matters rubric and provide feedback on your course. Courses that meet standards are listed in a national database of recognized courses. The course developer is provided access to an online “seal” from QM that indicates the year the course met standards – this seal can be displayed by the faculty course developer each time the course is taught by including it in the course syllabus or online.

Our Goal

To increase the number of QM Recognized courses at each of the Colleges and Universities of Minnesota State through a cost-effective process that focuses on building collaborative relationships and shared expertise in quality course design.

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MOQI-Managed Reviews

On behalf of the Colleges and Universities of Minnesota State (the subscriber), MOQI will implement and manage a course peer review process that is recognized by Quality Matters. Faculty seeking to have an online or blended course formally reviewed are encouraged to work with their institution’s QM Coordinator to ensure all steps are followed in getting … Continue reading MOQI-Managed Reviews

QM Recognized Courses

Congratulate these faculty! These courses have been formally reviewed and meet Quality Matters Standards.  Each faculty member has received a certificate and a QM seal to display on their course materials.

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Self-Review Tool

Quality Matters provides a Self-Review Tool for individuals to use as part of a self-review of an online or blended course.  This tool lists each specific standard with links to the annotations.  As you review your course, you can enter your decision about whether or not the standard is met and add a recommendation. The … Continue reading Self-Review Tool