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""Quality Matters Rubric & Resources

Download a copy of the abbreviated Quality Matters Rubric with point values here.

To gain access to the fully annotated version of the rubric, contact your campus Quality Matters Coordinator OR contact us.

Review the QM page:  Preparing for a Quality Matters Course Review

Quality Matters Literature Review for 2011-2013 Rubric

MOQI Resources


MOQI Forms & Policies

List of Campus QM Coordinators

Peer Course Review Process Overview

Workshop Registration Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is badging? Educause describes badges this way: “A badge is a visual representation of an accomplishment, such as skill competency, knowledge competency, attendance, participation, project completion, or a professional credential. Badging is beginning to be integrated into undergraduate curricula and is also emerging as a way for working professionals to document their professional development … Continue reading Badges

QM History in Minnesota

QM History in Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (2004-2006) Early enthusiasm for the Quality Matters Rubric within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities led to widespread training in the original edition of the QM Rubric which was sponsored by the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). Subsequently some Minnesota State Colleges and Universities … Continue reading QM History in Minnesota