April 2016 – Fifteen Courses Receive QM Recognition

Blocks spelling the word Quality

The following courses received QM Certification in April 2016!

Please congratulate these faculty course developers for their commitment to creating courses that demonstrate quality course design principles.

QM LogoThese courses have been formally reviewed and meet Quality Matters Standards for course design.  QM certified courses are listed in QM’s national database of certified courses and each faculty member has been given a QM seal to display with the online or blended course.

Bemidji State University

MBA6110 Statistical and Quantitative Analysis     Faculty/ Course Developer: Young Seob Son

Inver Hills Community College

ECON1100 Economics for Consumers     Faculty/ Course Developer: Scott Sandok

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

PSCI1110 Introduction to Political Science     Faculty/ Course Developer: Miki Huntington
PSYCH2240 Lifespan Development     Faculty/ Course Developer: Lynn Coffey

Minnesota State University, Mankato

CSP669 Intervention Treatment Planning & Evaluation     Faculty/ Course Developer: Diane Coursol
SPED511 Differentiation and Accommodation in an Inclusive Classroom: Diverse Learners     Faculty/ Course Developer: Aaron Deris
ENG101 Composition     Faculty/ Course Developer: Lindsy Mason
MGMT346 Production and Operations Management     Faculty/ Course Developer: Claudia Pragman

Riverland Community College

PHIL1100 Logic     Faculty/ Course Developer: Tanya Whitehouse
ENGL1103 Introduction to Literature     Faculty/ Course Developer: Melissa Siebke
SPCH1100 Fundamentals of Speech    Faculty/ Course Developer: Heidi Schara
ACCT1001 Business Law     Faculty/ Course Developer:  Kim Hansen
ECON2291 Macroeconomics     Faculty/ Course Developer: Rayce Hardy

Winona State University

ENG112 Research Writing     Faculty/ Course Developer: Jane Carducci
Intro to Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies     Faculty/ Course Developer: Jacqueline Wood

View the list of all courses that have met QM Standards within the MNSCU & University of Minnesota systems.

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