Twelve Courses Receive QM Certification – March 2016

Blocks spelling the word Quality

The following courses received QM Certification in March 2016!

Please congratulate these faculty course developers for their commitment to creating courses that demonstrate quality course design principles.

QM LogoThese courses have been formally reviewed and meet Quality Matters Standards for course design.  QM certified courses are listed in QM’s national database of certified courses and each faculty member has been given a QM seal to display with the online or blended course.

Bemidji State University

BUAD3520 Business Ethics     Faculty/ Course Developer: Joann Frederickson

Central Lakes College

ENGL1410 Composition I     Faculty/ Course Developer: Julie Austin
ENGL2470 Creative Nonfiction     Faculty/ Course Developer: Leanne Flynn
ENGL1463 Introduction to Literature     Faculty/ Course Developer: Julie Austin
ENGL1450 Introduction to Humanities     Faculty/ Course Developer: Julie Austin

Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

BIOL2005 Fundamentals of Nutrition     Faculty/ Course Developer: Amy Wold

Minnesota State University, Mankato

DHYG451 Dental Hygiene Care Planning     Faculty/ Course Developer: Lynette Engeswick
Psyc456 Personality Theories     Faculty/ Course Developer: Kristie Campana
HP462 Sport Administration     Faculty/ Course Developer: Jon Lim
HLTH665 Theory and Philosophy of Health Education     Faculty/ Course Developer: Judith Luebke
LAWE393 Issues: Gangs     Faculty/ Course Developer: Patricia Nelson

Riverland Community College

SPAN1001 Beginning Spanish I     Faculty/ Course Developer: Lisa Baudler

View the list of all courses that have met QM Standards within the MNSCU & University of Minnesota systems.

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