D2L Brightspace Webinars in November Feature MnSCU Presenters

D2L Brightspace regularly hosts webinars that are facilitated by D2L staff and clients that focus on topics related to various Brightspace tools and best practices in teaching and learning. In November, there are two webinars that are being presented by MnSCU faculty and staff that you might find interesting. Please consider registering for these webinars to learn from your MnSCU colleagues!

For more information and to register for these (or other D2L Brightspace webinars) please register on this D2L Brightspace webinar registration page.

No Muss! No Fuss! How to Become a Quality Matters Star Using Brightspace

Date & Time:  November 10 (3 PM Eastern)
Presenter:  Jane Sprangers, Biology Instructor from Hennepin Technical College
Description: Interested in saving time and energy while designing an online course for Quality Matters™ (QM) review? Want to decrease emails from confused students? Wish to boost student engagement in your class without increasing the time commitment associated with teaching online? Attendees are welcomed to explore the connections between D2L tools, course design and the QM rubric standards. These “hot tricks” will get attendees on their way to meeting QM review expectations while (hopefully) conserving time!

The Poetry of Teaching and Technology: Lake Superior College’s Program for Online Excellence in Teaching (POET)

Date & Time:  November 17 (3 PM Eastern)
Amy Jo Swing, English Instructor & Online Faculty Development Coordinator
Jody Ondich, Humanities/Philosophy Instructor &  Online Peer Review Coordinator
Hanna Erpestad, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences & e-Learning Administrator

Description: Lake Superior College participates in Quality Matters, having had a handful of courses certified and peer reviewers trained, while at the same time we are involved in our own Program for Online Excellence (POET)POET includes an administrative evaluation process; three levels of faculty training for D2L Brightspace and teaching pedagogy; a formalized faculty mentoring component; and a comprehensive faculty peer review program, which looks at both teaching and course design. Right now, we’re running all three levels of training. POET Level 1, Online Teacher Training D2L Brightspace Basics, is a four-week online class, co-led by the Instructional Technologist and an experienced online faculty mentor. This level is intended for faculty and staff who are new to, or less familiar, with the online platform. POET Level 2, Online Teaching Fundamentals, is a 12-week class taught by the Instructional Technologist and the Online Faculty Development Coordinator, intended for faculty who are ready to develop an online course for delivery. Our newest POET Level 3 , Online Teaching Redesign, is for experienced online faculty who are ready (if not overdue) to revise their courses. This level runs as a teaching circle and includes a pre- and post-peer review, and each participant is supported by an online faculty mentor.

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