Quality Matters Instructional Designers Association Formed

This is a guest post from Sheri Steinke, Normandale Community College

An exciting new opportunity has recently been created for instructional designers based upon Quality Matters. Many of us have been working with the QM Rubric from the very beginning and for others they are new to using the Rubric and possibly seeking support or shared ideas. In the fall of 2013, a brand new QM Instructional Designers group was created to support our use of the rubric and career field. The goal of the QM IDA is to: build and maintain a robust community space where instructional design professionals can learn, collaborate, research, and share ideas and best practices.

The great news is that if your institution is a QM Subscriber, you are able to join the group free of charge. If your institution doesn’t subscribe, no worries, for $175 annually, you can get an individual subscription to QM and become a member of the QM Instructional Designers group. A benefit of joining the QM IDA includes the ability to network and exchange ideas with a group of the best designers from around the country.

If you are interested in joining the QM Instructional Designers Association, just visit: https://ida.qualitymatters.org/site-page/join-ida and complete the online form.

Join and get a chance to shape this new association. We are currently seeking volunteers for the committees below within the QM-IDA. To volunteer, complete this form to let us know.

  • Professional Development for Instructional Designers
    Work to plan and deliver professional development opportunities for our design community members.
  • Website (Drupal)

QM Help with the QM-IDA web site.

  • Discussion Forum Gardeners
    Help monitor and grow our online community.
  • Communications
    Help out with Facebook and other social media opportunities.
  • Designer Certification
    Provide input into what a QM-sponsored training program for desI aigners (leading to certification and participation in formal review process) might look like.

A new IDA leadership committee was named at the Quality Matters Conference in October of 2014. Your new leaders are:

IDA Chair – Penny Ralston-Berg (Penn State World Campus)
IDA Vice Chair – Rolando Garza (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)
IDA Secretary – Sandra Johnson (New Mexico State University)
IDA Treasurer – Debbie Beaudry (Rutgers University)
IDA At-Large Member – Sheri Steinke (Normandale Community College)

Feel free to contact sheri.steinke@normandale.edu if you have questions about joining the QM Instructional Designers Association.


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