Reviewers From 16 States Serve on MOQI Course Review Teams for 18 Institutions

Map showing reviewer location 2013Since last fall the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative (MOQI) has coordinated the work of individuals serving on about 60 review teams for courses from MnSCU institutions.  Participating in a formal course review was new to several of these MnSCU colleges and universities but eighteen institutions had faculty who chose to have a course or two reviewed.  Because of their involvement, the number of courses from MnSCU institutions that have received Quality Matters recognition is steadily growing. (Complete list here)

MOQI has been supported in these efforts by QM Certified Master Reviewers and Peer Reviewers from 18 MnSCU institutions.  Several teams also included QM Certified Master Reviewers or Peer Reviewers from the University of Minnesota.  Additionally, many teams included QM Certified Peer Reviewers or Master Reviewers from outside of Minnesota.  This map illustrates the locations from the 16 states that are home to the Peer Reviewers and Master Reviewers who participated in the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative during FY13.

Map of Reviewers – FY13 (Link to Interactive Map)

Map of Reviewer Locations 2013

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