Course Review Tips From Master Reviewers

Individuals looking for a few tips for preparing their courses for a QM course review might find some good ideas in this Top 10 Tips Handout.

Rhonda Ficek (MSU, Moorhead) and Elizabeth McMahon (NCTC) presented a session titled “Key D2L Tools + Top 10 Tips = Successful Online Course Design” at the Ignite Minnesota Regional Desire2Learn User Forum which was held at Normandale Community College in early April.  To prepare for the session, they solicited tips and ideas from other Master Reviewers in Minnesota who have been participating on review teams.  The following individuals (all Certified QM Master Reviewers) contributed ideas to the handout and session:

Rhonda Ficek, Minnesota State University, Moorhead
Elizabeth McMahon, Northland Community & Technical College
Jennifer Dahlen, Northland Community & Technical College
Barb Weber, Northland Community & Technical College
Dorinda Sorvig, Northland Community & Technical College
Sheryl Barton, Riverland Community College
Susan Schlicht, St. Cloud Technical & Community College
Susan Engel, St. Cloud Technical & Community College

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