Last Call – Course Review Applications Due 3/15

The last deadline for spring course review applications is rapidly approaching!

Applications must be received by March 15, 2013 for any course reviews that will occur in this fiscal year. Review applications received by this deadline will be for course reviews scheduled to start on or after 5/1/2013.

Course review applications received after March 15 will be placed in the queue for reviews set to start after July 1, 2013.

Information about the course review process can be found here.   The cost of a formal Course Review is $700/course. 

The Course Review Application 2012-2013 should be completed by the faculty member who wishes to have a course reviewed after consultation with their campus Institutional Representative.  The application should be submitted about 6 weeks prior to when the course will be ready for the review in order to provide adequate time to assemble the review team.  Start to finish, the review process can take several months.

Peer Reviewers for all MOQI-managed course reviews are chosen from the pool of certified reviewers in Minnesota and from institutions across the United States. Courses that complete a successful review are formally recognized by Quality Matters on the QM website.  These courses are also awarded a certificate and “seal” that can be displayed within the course and on the syllabus.  A list of all MnSCU courses that have achieved QM recognition can be found here.

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