Your Questions About Professional Development Opportunities Answered

If you’re wondering about which workshop to choose from all that QM offers, you’re not alone.  Quality Matters provides a significant number of professional development workshops and courses.  Faculty and staff from all Statewide Subscriber affiliate institutions within Minnesota may participate in any of them for the lower “subscriber” rate listed by QM.

In addition to the already reduced rate offered by QM for these professional development opportunities, the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative (MOQI) through coordinated management and delivery, offers the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop (APPQMR) at an even further reduced rate. In addition to this, through funding made available by MnOnline/MnSCU, faculty and staff from MnSCU affiliate institutions may take the APPQMR workshop for at an even lower cost for a limited time—until funding is gone.  Because faculty and staff have such an wide range of workshops and courses available to them at such reasonable rates, the question often becomes not, “Should I take a QM workshop or course?” but “Which QM workshop or course should I take?

To ease any confusion and help potential participants make good decisions, some of the goals, purposes, distinctions and other considerations are offered in answers to some frequently asked questions about QM professional development opportunities in Minnesota.  You can review these questions (and their answers) in the new section on the FAQ page titled “About Professional Development Opportunities.”

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