Fall Course Reviews & Training – Use Survey

""Help us plan for the coming year!

We need to know what your plans are for the use of the upcoming subsidized course reviews and significantly discounted training seats.  Please complete this survey by Sept. 7, 2012 to let us know what your institution has planned for use of the reviews and training seats. (This survey should be completed by the campus QM Institutional Representative.)

Course Reviews & Training Survey: Reserve Your Spot Survey

Overview of What’s Available in the Fall

Course Reviews

Each affiliate institution has the option of participating in a formal peer course review in fall semester for a reduced cost of $350.00.  (Additional course reviews are $700.00)  Unused course reviews for fall will be offered to other institutions.

APPQMR Workshop Training

Registration through MOQI for seats in online APPQMR workshops are available for $110 for faculty;  Face-to-face sessions are also $110.00/participant.  The complete schedule can be viewed here.  Sessions that are not full will be canceled and registrants will be moved to the next available open session.  A limited number seats are available are available to faculty for $55.  Contact your campus QM Institution Rep or contact us for more information about this option.

PRC & MRC Courses from QM

A limited number of seats for a reduced cost are available to eligible faculty. Contact us for more information.

Questions?  Please contact us.

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