APPQMR Online Workshops

Reserve Your Spot!

The Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop (also known as the APPQMR) is QMs “flagship” training. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the Quality Matters process and to the Quality Matters rubric.   Completion of this workshop is one pre-requisite for becoming a QM Peer Reviewer.  More information about the APPQMR and other QM training can be found here.

Through the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative (MOQI), there will be several online sessions of this workshop offered for a significantly reduced cost to faculty, staff, and administrators from all subscribing institutions.  Most faculty find the online delivery to be a convenient way to complete the workshop with having to miss a day of class to attend in person.  To pre-register and reserve your spot please complete this form.

The workshop will also be available as a face-to-face one day workshop in the fall. Stay tuned for more details about the all day workshops!

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