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MOQI-Managed QM Peer Reviews

MOQI will assist affiliate MnSCU institutions wishing to sponsor official QM course reviews by managing the entire review process for a cost of $750.00.  Successful reviews completed through this subscriber-managed process lead to national QM Course Recognition.

MnSCU will subsidize the review costs for a limited number MOQI-managed reviews for MnSCU institutions. Each institution can submit up to four courses for review at a subsidized review cost of $375.00. To be eligible for the reduced cost, specific deadlines must be met during the review. (Application must be received by February 28, 2015)  All additional course reviews managed by MOQI for MnSCU institutions will cost $750.00.

Official reviews are managed by a certified course review manager and are conducted by trained and certified peer reviewers.  Read more about the process and timelines here.  Applications are continuously accepted for course reviews.  Course Reviews typically start about 6-8 weeks after application submission.

Course Review Application

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